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The Mission

The Organized Nest is a Fort Worth, TX based group of professional home and office organizers. home and had a WordPress site that needed new hosting and a lot of Search Engine Optimization. They weren't ranking on Google for any desired keywords and didn't understand why, so they asked us to take a look.

The Outcome

The Organized Nest is now ranking on the first page of Google search results for all eight focus keywords. This includes two keywords for Dallas - a city where they do not have a location. Their site is currently scoring a 98/100 on Google Chrome's Lighthouse SEO. They've acquired more than 1300 new search engine visitors since we started SEO for them.

I absolutely love working with Mighty Fine. Their level of professionalism and customer service is outstanding. Their response time to questions and/or issues is incredibly prompt. I cannot recommend these guys enough!

- Nicole, The Organized Nest

First we found that The Organized Nest's WordPress site needed a little polishing. Since we usually use Craft as our go-to CMS, we enlisted our friend and crack WordPress developer Peter to help out. After the migration and development, we dove into the SEO!

Our on-page SEO analysis found that the site had turned off indexing, meaning that Google wasn't adding the site to the search engine results page. It also had issues with multiple H1 headings on pages, some of which were hidden with CSS - a situation Google might interpret as an attempt to manipulate rankings. Further, the site needed various meta tags like a title and a description.

First, we enabled indexing and made sure that robots.txt allowed Google to see the site. We fixed the hidden H1's and made sure that they corresponded with their desired keywords, namely 'Professional Home Organizers in Fort Worth, TX.' We added meta tags to the site and created unique descriptions for each page, as well as ensuring all images had alternate text. Finally we created more than four hundred words of engaging content for our newly-optimized page that naturally included the client's targeted keywords.

With our on-page strategy implemented, our SEO team began linkbuilding and creating custom content in order to move The Organized Nest up the search engine results pages.

Organized Nest SEO Results

SEO moves slowly, but after sixteen months of continued on-page optimization, content creation, and linkbuilding, The Organized Nest has found itself on the first page of Google results for all eight search keywords for which we've optimized. The first two search keywords reached the first page within two months, and as we optimized for different geographical areas, the other keywords followed suit.

In the latter half of the campaign, we've been optimizing for Dallas, a city in which The Organized Nest doesn't have an office. Since Google often relies on GPS data for search recommendations, this makes it harder for The Organized Nest to rank highly in a city where they don't have a physical location. However, we've seen great results over the past seven months, with 'Professional Organizers Dallas TX' touching the top page after only five months of optimization.

Our SEO campaign for The Organized Nest has resulted in more than 1300 new organic visitors to their site. Had the site not been visible on Google, those new visitors would never have found The Organized Nest.

Keep in mind that The Organized Nest achieved these results without a fast, usable new Craft CMS website, other traffic driving strategies such as digital advertising, or a StoryBrand marketing roadmap. Schedule a call with us and learn how you can grow your business without being a marketer!