What is a Brand?

A brand is simply a relationship. It's the relationship between your business, practice, or personal brand and your audience. It is that thing that lives in between you and them. You can't fully control it, but that's why it's so important to be clear and consistent with the aspects that you can control. Just like any relationship, clarity, communication, and consistency are key to long term value. So if clarity and consistency matters, how do we clarify our brand? The answer is story...

Why Story Matters

As humans, we think in story, we dream in story, we find meaning in the stories that we tell ourselves. Some stories just seem to resonate with people. Behind the curtain, Star Wars and Harry Potter are essentially the same story. A hero gets a call to destiny, meets an obstacle or villain, then meets a wise guide (Yoda or Dumbledore), who gives them a plan to succeed. No matter how many times the same stories are told over and over, people will still pay twenty bucks to sit in a movie theatre for two hours and watch it again. What if we applied this framework to your brand? What if we help your ideal patients feel like heroes and see you as the wise guide who will help them achieve success and avoid failure? As certified StoryBrand guides, we take you through a proven process to clarify your brand and grow your practice!

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