Our Process

Start with Your Brand

Because we always want to take a full and integrated approach to marketing, our process starts with the brand. A brand encompasses the entire relationship between a business entity and its audience. To be more specific, we start with the story of the brand. Your customer is the main character of your story, and they want something. Do you know what they're really looking for? Have you told them how you are going to help them get there? We help you position yourself as the Yoda to their Luke Skywalker using the StoryBrand framework. We call this phase of the process Brand Foundations.

Build Your Foundation

Once we have a clear story of your customer's journey and the role your business plays in it, we apply that across your marketing channels. If your social media is telling a different story than your website or your email campaigns, you're breaking trust with your potential patients. What if you knew that you had all of your bases covered from listings to reputation management to email to social media, website, digital marketing, and SEO? That's what we do in our Marketing Foundations phase of our proven process.

Drive Leads

Once your marketing channels are working together in harmony to tell your brand story and connecting with customers, it's time to turn up the volume. We utilize a variety of methods from social ad funnels, to email automation, to search engine optimization to drive traffic and leads to your marketing channels.

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